Family Law

The breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship is often a time of great emotional upheaval and stress. At KLR Legal we offer genuine support, which can help relieve some of the stress through this difficult time.  

With sensitivity and professionalism we will listen to your story and help you to work out what you hope to achieve. We will explain the options and let you choose which path you wish to take.

We can assist you in navigating through the required paperwork, help you to understand the legal procedures, and provide you with timely legal advice. 

We will help you sort out all of the necessary arrangements, such as the ongoing care and custody of your children, division of your property, and all of the many matters related to a separation or divorce.

If you and your former spouse are able to come to an agreement between yourselves, we will support you through the negotiations and help you to formalise your agreement with a Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders.

If agreement is not possible, we can assist you with an application through the Family Law Courts, for parenting and financial orders.

Contact us today on (03) 5968 4126 to discuss your situation with our family lawyer.