Probate & Deceased Estates

We welcome the opportunity to assist clients through the many administrative tasks that follow the passing of a loved one.

With sensitivity and compassion, and with the benefit of years of experience, we can assist you to obtain a Grant of Probate of a Will or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will), transfer property, collect assets and make distributions to beneficiaries.

You can choose the level of involvement that you wish us to have. Our costs will vary depending upon our level of involvement. We would be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with an estimate of costs for our services.

We are also experienced in claims against deceased estates, both in bringing claims on behalf of Plaintiffs, and defending claims on behalf of Executors.

If you have been left out of a Will, or left without adequate provision, talk to us about the possibility of making a claim against the estate under the provisions of the Administration and Probate Act 1958.

If you are an Executor faced with a claim brought against the estate, we can assist you through the process from initial negotiations through to mediation and a Court hearing.

Call us now on (03) 5968 4126 to make an appointment and discuss how we can help you.